Lizard's-tail Lizard's-tail Lizard's-tail Lizard's-tail

What are they?

This is a small family of plants, native to North America and Asia and most closely related to the birthworts and the pepper family.

Where are they found?

As non-natives, any plants are likely to be in human-influenced places. Some species are plants of wetlands so will most likely be found next to ponds.


Currently, only a single species in this family has been recorded in the wider countryside, with identification detailed below.

Lizard's-tail      Saururus cernuus

An uncommon plant, sometimes grown as an ornamental in garden ponds. Currently known from a single village pond in Norfolk, where it appears to be thriving and was perhaps originally planted. Flowers June to August. A patch-forming species of wet places, often growing in shallow water. The arrowhead leaves on zigzag stems, and unusual, curved, flower spikes are distinctive.

Lizard's-tail Lizard's-tail Lizard's-tail Lizard's-tail
Flower spike
Flowers close-up