Upright Raspwort Upright Raspwort Upright Raspwort Upright Raspwort

What are they?

The raspworts are in the family Haloragaceae, a family represented in the UK by the water-milfoils, which are subaquatic waterplants. The raspworts themselves are mostly plants of the southern hemisphere that are occasionally grown as garden ornamentals for their sometimes attractive or unusual foliage rather than their rather uninspiring flowers.

Where are they found?

At the time of writing this, Upright Raspwort had been recorded from a single site in West Norfolk. However, garden centres plant sales often run on trends and this species is currently popular as a garden ornamental, so it may appear self-sown in urban areas or where garden waste has been deposited.


The one species so far recorded in the region is rather distinctive and should be readily recognisable by its leaves and tiny flowers.

Upright Raspwort      Haloragis erecta

Introduced as a garden plant from New Zealand. Currently reporte once as a garden escape in Kings Lynn in 2018. Flowers July to September or later. The flowers may appear petalless, but actually have four rather small, dull-coloured petals and eight stamens. The shiny leaves are dark green in the true species, but garden forms are typically of the bronze-leaved cultivar 'Wellington Bronze'.

Upright Raspwort Upright Raspwort Upright Raspwort Upright Raspwort